Uptown Interiors

The Atticism was engaged by Uptown Interiors to help with brand development and long term company growth strategies.  A year after their inception, the company was looking to expand and solidify their reputation within a nice niche demographic.  This required a new brand strategy that focused on their high-end skill set, and an upgrade to all current branding materials to reflect their work and make them more appealing to the right type of consumer.
The Atticism created the company website, including writing new content that specifically communicated its position to the right demographic.  We also worked with Uptown Interiors on networking opportunities and hiring work – creating job ads that inspired a higher quality contractor to apply – expanding their workforce to be able to accept larger jobs.  We also worked with local accountancy, Inca Accountants, to correctly set up the company for growth, to advise on best practices for contractors (noting the CIS rules in the UK) and also created a template gallery and procedure documents to assist in their expansion
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