The Atticism has been engaged to assist ModiBodi with their launch into the UK and EU markets. The Atticism will be working to enhance recognition of the ModiBodi brand overall, whilst also focusing on parenting and teen titles to help launch the new teen range.

Modibodi™ uses high quality, tech-savvy fabrics (like Bamboo, Merino Perform Wool and Microfibre) and the latest in breathable, antimicrobial fibres with their patented Modifier Technology™ – a super slim (only 3mm) stain resistant lining for modern periods and leaks, and Modifier Air Technology™ – a moisture-wicking, odour-fighting lining for getting sweaty. They have recently added a brand new patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology™ to the Modibodi stable of innovation, found exclusively in their water-repellent, leak-proof swimwear range.

The Account Director is Renae Smith.

The Account Manager is Virginia Brown.

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