PR is different to sales or marketing.  PR manages your brand’s reputation by having journalists provide you with third-party recommendations via earned media coverage.


PR is very different to advertising and marketing and for a client to understand the benefit of the different approaches, it is essential to understand the purpose of each and how they contribute to your brand’s success. 

Where both PR and advertising/marketing involve a client allocating funds towards the outcome of promotional exposure, PR takes a more subtle approach than that of marketing, seeking to influence consumers via earned media and editorial content.

Our PR team bundle your individual unique offerings into appropriate stories, with the goal of positioning you as a thought or industry leader. Using third-party media endorsements, we bring your offering credibility by presenting your brand without the crude catch of an obvious agenda.

We pitch article ideas and predict trends, we plan events and community involvement, craft intelligent communications campaigns, engage in market or competitor research, write speeches and facilitate networking.

We go virtual gold panning; sifting through the abundance of information surrounding your brand to identify the angles most valuable to your public relations strategy. We work with the stuff of substance that best fits your identity, discarding anything that muddies your message.

We are committed to avoiding the standard ‘one-size- fits-all’ approach to PR, instead, we tailor the best touch-points for you to most effectively reach your public.

And it works. According to media experts, high-quality editorial articles can be up to six times more convincing than standard advertising. PR is only as effective as the story you tell, and the Atticism tells great stories.

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