Advertorial marketing involves paying a fee in exchange for content placed in the media which provides information about a brand in the form of an article.


When most people think of marketing, they think of banner advertisements on the sides of buildings or bus stops, or the catchy jingles and commercial content placed with the big three: TV, radio, and print.  

It isn’t too hard to find a creative agency who will come up with some catchy content and buy ad space for you. Although, in a world where we’re being sold to at every scroll of our phone, it’s easy to see why consumers are becoming desensitised to this type of  advertising.

Whilst earned media is reported to be at least 6x more trusted than paid advertising, we understand that sometimes our clients are looking for more guaranteed coverage results.  This is when advertorial comes into play.

As the name suggests, an advertorial is a cross between an advertisement (known as marketing) and earned editorial content (known as PR).  For an agreed rate, a media outlet agrees to run in-depth branded content, usually about a specific product or service, which is then delivered to the consumer in the form of a news article.

This long format content allows us to promote specific details and selling points that are not always able to be featured in other mediums or earned content articles. 

Whilst there is a higher cost involved in advertorial due to the added expense of media buying, many of our clients benefit from including a mix of editorial and advertorial to their strategies. 

Whilst we do believe that earned coverage (PR) strategies are essential to the long term success of your brand, we also understand that advertorial coverage may provide short term benefits and we consider both of these options for our clients.

Using advertorials effectively requires experienced and strategic planning, as well as strong writing abilities – all of which we specialise in at The Atticism.

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