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PR used to be about traditional press releases, organised press conferences and getting products in front of eyeballs through snail mail. All in the hopes that that someone in an office somewhere would write about it in a magazine or newspaper.

This aspect of PR remains important. But today’s PR work has expanded far beyond those traditional methods. And today’s digital PR company needs to understand that it’s about so much more.

And that’s the digital space.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR shares the same fundamental goals as traditional PR—to build brand awareness, promote services and products and create engaging messaging for relevant audiences. But digital PR achieves those goals by taking full advantage of the digital world that we now live in.

Digital PR agencies combine media outreach with a wider online strategy. They look to reach their goals through online news sources, social media, blogs, websites, online publications and more. And because everyone (OK, nearly everyone) is online, digital PR agencies can then help brands access a much broader audience.

Benefits of Digital PR

  • Your Audience is Already Primed to Consume.
    The best thing about reaching people online—they’re already primed to consume. As soon as they’ve picked up their mobile or iPad, they’re looking for something. Digital PR helps you make sure that your brand is the thing they’re looking for.

  • Impact is Easy to Monitor.
    Digital PR campaigns can be effectively tracked, monitored, measured and reported to demonstrate the value add from each campaign.

  • Highly Creative Content. Digital content can be highly creative because there is almost no end to places that you can utilise it online. There is quite literally, a market for everything.

  • Two Way Engagement.
    Online you can really speak to your audience. Even better, they can speak back. This lets you answer the question, ‘What does my audience want?’ And give it to them.

But I Like Traditional PR

Sure! So do we. But implementing digital PR doesn’t mean you have to forego all the benefits of a traditional PR strategy. In fact, as a digital PR agency in London this is the tact we recommend to all our UK clients. Because in our experience the best approach is to bring them both in—traditional and digital—to create an overall strategy that will exponentially drive brand visibility and widespread media attention.

You need to get in front of your audience. And this is the strategy that can get you there.

The Atticism, Your Digital PR Agency, London

At The Atticism we don’t do things the old way. We’re tired of the same old tactics, and so are journalists, media folks and influencers. Our goal is to upend the status quo to make sure that your brand gets the notice it deserves. And digital PR is a big part of that.

As a digital PR agency in London, we provide outstanding PR services to our UK clients because we start with an excellent grounding in traditional PR disciplines. And we back this with a wealth of digital expertise.

We know where your audience hangs out online, and we meet them there. We understand the nuances of each digital platform and we use these for your benefit. And we get Google, working alongside SEO specialists, social media experts and content markets to make sure you get the full benefits of your digital PR strategy.

The world’s online, baby. Your brand has to be, too.

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