The Atticism started working with MATE in early 2019, not long after they won second place in the 2018 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Australia Awards.

We worked hard to expand awareness of the MATE ethos, their approach to the NBN rollout and also enter them into industry awards in order to build their reputation. As at November 2019, MATE have won awards for their customer service, their employee relations, their leadership and their product offering.

MATE is now set to shake up the mobile phone industry and The Atticism will be working with them every step of the way to ensure the public is aware why MATE offers something refreshingly different to an otherwise stale industry.

The Account Manager is Mond Liu
Contact: [email protected]

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At MATE we have been going through our transformation journey as a newly established business. We knew that the quick success we achieved in a short about of time was not sustainable moving forward as our competitors caught up with us.

We needed to get our story out to the market to help us achieve our objectives and build the credibility we needed to support our customer acquisition strategy.

When we engaged with The Atticism, the first thing they said to us was ‘we don’t just do press releases, we do PR’. This really resonated with us because their business plan was about being different and standing out, that’s exactly why MATE was established.

MATE is also a business challenging the norm and trying to do things better, that’s what the Atticism are all about and they complement our business perfectly.

The constant determination, ideas and their approach to their work is very refreshing but overall its effective. Renae, Alice, Emma and the rest of the Atticism team are creative, responsive and just bloody good people to work with.

To the Atticism team, thanks for being part of our journey and helping MATE deliver its business goals.
19 November 2019
Mark Fazio
General Manager, MATE

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