Founded in 2017 I Am That – Yoga is an inclusive Yoga community that focuses on making Yoga accessible via their Melbourne Yoga Studio and associated Yoga products. The Atticism has been engaged to assist I Am That – Yoga with their studio launch and an ongoing, educational PR campaign.

Based on the premise that Yoga is a way of life rather than just a practice, I Am That – Yoga strive to provide the tools needed to find the equanimity, balance and peace that Yoga offers, ultimately leading to the acceptance of, and happiness with who you are. I Am That (in Sanskrit, Soham सो ऽहम्) is a mantra that embodies this.
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Dear Renae, Virginia & Mond,

Thank you so so much for the amazing work you’ve done for us. We are lucky to have you guys and look forward to round two! You have all been amazing and incredibly inspiring.

We have had a lot of people make it their point to tell us that they are “so glad they found us” and that they “will never go to another studio because of what yoga represents elsewhere.” Everyone feels like this is were they can find their yoga and that is in big part thanks to your messaging.
2 July 2018.
Victoria Csarmann
I Am That – Yoga

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