Chrissy started working with The Atticism in 2015 and since then, we have helped develop her incredible idea into one of Sydney’s most well-known brands. We have helped develop both Chrissy’s sausage brand, as well as her personal profile through strategic PR and high profile collaborations with venues, chefs and aligned products.
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I came to Renae pre-launch as a scrappy upstart with a very limited budget, no history in food or hospitality but very nice packaging and a conviction my product had potential. Renae got it, and me, immediately.

From before the beginning, Renae has shaped my brand, identified its strengths and unique offerings and taken practical steps to translate that brand to my potential customers.
Renae recognised that my greatest appeal was to the craft beer drinking foodie market, and she was bang on. She is masterful in gently showing a client the potential of a new approach, goodness knows we’re too close to the product to often see it ourselves!

It’s a testament to Renae’s prowess that even though I am a publicist by trade, she is the most critical investment I’ve made in the business, and as soon as I can afford to pay her exorbitantly I will be trying to make her my own full time.
Chrissy Flanagan

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