If you think social media is about likes, comments and shares – you’re doing it wrong.  Those are vanity metrics and something which usually offer minimal long term ROI.


As you might have guessed it, we’re not die-hard-fans of ‘regular’ social media strategies here at The Atticism.  In fact, we’re so passionate about this that we’ve been quoted speaking about the changes to social media in mainstream media such as The IndependentThe Metro and B&T Magazine as well as specialised media like Social Media Tips in The USA.

In the past few years, the water has been muddied within various areas of “communications” and some of these have become accidentally intertwined. This is definitely the case with public relations (PR) and social media. 

PR is designed to focus more on developing relationships between your brand and the media, working to gain earned coverage or ‘third party recommendations.’   In contrast, social media is a platform that has been designed to enable brands to speak directly to their consumers.

As both PR and social media are used to build and maintain trust in the company and its reputation, it is only natural that the two must be in sync – but we believe they should not be confused as the same thing.


As a PR and brand development agency in Australia, we specialise in dealing with the media, and working with them to ‘earn’ your brand third party recommendations and media coverage.  We do not specialise in social media management and have been marked as leaders globally when it comes to the importance of separating the two.

As social media channels change, so do the pathways to successful social media management. We humbly recognise the unique skill set that is needed to truly make social media work, and work with carefully selected social media partners whose sole focus is on communicating directly with consumers via social media.

We work with social media experts to ensure your PR and social are in sync, but are managed by people who know exactly what they’re doing – and why.

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