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Tangible + Intangible Brand Development

When it comes to brand development, it’s about more than just your visuals. Of course what your brand looks likeyour logos, images, coloursis important. But they’re only one part of the equation. The other parts—your messaging and voice and your emotional connection—are equally important. And just as often forgotten.

To really engage your audience of potential customers or clients you have to think beyond visuals. Your audience needs to feel connected with your brand. They need to feel aligned. And they need to be left with an emotional desire to see more of you. That’s the intangible part of your brand development.

And our three-dimensional brand development packages help you get there.

Tailor Made Brand Development Packages

We’d love to be able to simply list out a group of packages with a ‘Buy Now’ button lurking underneath. But frankly, that’s just not the best option for you.

Instead, your brand development package is the curated result of our research into your brand, our Discovery Audit process and our experience with innovative and forward-looking brand development strategies. After all, what works today, might not be the best approach tomorrow.

Because of this your brand development package will be entirely customised for you and your brand.

And it has to be.

After all, your potential audience, your offers and your industry are completely unique to you. Your brand development package needs to be completely unique as well.


Check out our potential package below to help you see how we might work together.

Potential Brand Development Package

Working With Our Team

Our team have the experience and expertise to ensure you get just the results you’re looking for. But we’re also here to ensure you have a fantastic brand development experience. Because let’s be honest—the destination is important, but getting there is the fun part.

Our team is here to help you succeed, and to enjoy the process along the way.

The Atticism, Brand Development Specialists

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