Discovery audit

Our discovery audit is undertaken before we create a proposal for you. It identifies any potential roadblocks to goals you have, outlines strategies for overcoming those and allows us to provide a proposal that is accurate and achievable from day one.

The areas of your business that we research in our discovery audit are fully customised around your specific goals and objectives. This process takes between two to four weeks and can include the below research areas:

Service/Product Review – We ‘mystery shop’ your company. Whether that’s calling and enquiring about a service, buying a product or popping in for a meal – we check that the experience you tell us that customers (and media) experience is actually the experience they are having.

Brand Reputation & Sentiment Check – We use our media monitoring programs and other research tactics to analyse mentions of you and your competitor’s brands, industry trends and other relevant topics.  This allows us to understand your reputation and the sentiment that relevant audiences or journalists may already have about your company.

Current Activity Check – We will look at your current marketing, PR or sales activity and gain a fuller understanding of what seems to be working, and what doesn’t. This enables us to propose much stronger and successful strategies.

Image & Collateral Check – We will check that your available photography or brand collateral is in the style that your target media and consumers will respond to.  Different media use different styled images and if you don’t have the right materials to provide them, it will hinder the success of your campaigns drastically.

Staff Profiles – We will speak directly with key staff at your organisation on a range of topics.  When positioning you as experts in your sector, we need to identify the right people to profile and the right subjects to put them forward for.  We will also recommend people we believe might benefit from media training.

Competitor & USP Check – We research two or three of your top competitors and their current media outreach topics to identify the ways we can help you stand out as different and potential strategic paths that give you the edge.

Brand Suite Check – Working with our in office design team, we will audit your visual brand consistency.  We ensure that your logo matches your brand, that you show consistency with font and colour use, that your tone of voice is correct, and that your overall brand makes sense and is representing your company effectively.

Influencer & Collaboration Partner Check – The Atticism is in strong opposition to vanity metrics.  Any work with ‘influencers’ or collaborative partners should include clear goals, objectives and agreed outcomes between the parties. 

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