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Traditional PR has always been about print media, magazines and newspapers, real-world events and networking. Historically, organisations and PR companies would put all their resources into these kinds of activities in an effort to reach interested journalists and media outlets. Looking to get their message out in an increasingly congested Australian market.

But a stretched media industry meant they were getting less and less results despite allocating more and more resources to PR. Organisations needed to go beyond traditional PR, to stand out from the crowd and deliver their message to the world.

Digital PR was the answer.

What is Digital PR?

Digital PR has the same overall goals as traditional PR. To build brand awareness, promote your services and products and get your messaging in front of the right people. The difference is that digital PR focuses solely on the digital space—and on bringing people into your business through your digital real estate.

A digital PR company integrates traditional media outreach with a broader online strategy. We research your industry, your niche and your offerings, and target curated digital channels and online sources to share your stories. This could (and probably will) include online news sources, social media, websites (yours and others), blogs, online publications and more.

Everyone is digital now. And digital PR companies know they can get the most traction and the greatest reach by sharing your unique message with the digital world.

Benefits of Digital PR

  • Qualified leads.
    Digital PR companies drive qualified leads (people who are already looking for you, even if they don’t know it yet) to your online business. That means that the people who come to you are ready to buy.
  • Take action. 
    With digital PR you are in charge of your own story. You don’t need to wait for a journalist to pick up your message, change it to suit their own agenda and put it in the world. You can tell the world who you are, and what you’re about all on your own terms.
  • Monitor Results.Digital PR campaigns can be easily tracked and monitored so you can see the result of each one. That means you’ll be better able to replicate successful results, and bin those that aren’t working.
  • Listen to your audience. In the digital space you can reach your audience. But better yet, they can reach you back. It’s easy to engage in a two-way conversation that lets you understand what your audience wants and how you can give it to them.
  • Meet your audience where they are. There are unnumbered websites and online spaces for every niche audience. You just need to find them. And once you do, you can share your message in your own way.

Digital PR in Australia

Just like the rest of the world, Australia has embraced digital PR. It has allowed organisations, and the PR agencies who work with them, to evolve. Taking potential problems (lockdowns) and turning them into fantastic opportunities (online networking).

Digital PR will continue to develop and grow in Australia, and it’s vital that this is part of your overall PR strategy. Combined with traditional elements, digital PR will drive brand visibility, grab dwindling media attention and carry your business into the future.

The Atticism, Your Digital PR Company

At The Atticism, we’re a digital PR company. And we’re a traditional PR company. In other words, we’re a PR company that looks to take the best elements of both to innovate into the future.

Just like journalists, media teams and influencers, we’re sick of the same old tactics. We want to shake up the PR industry, to make sure your brand gets the notice it deserves. And we know that integrated digital and traditional PR strategies are simply the best way to do it.

As a digital PR company, we provide outstanding PR services to our Australian clients because we understand the Australian market. We know where your audience is (and if we don’t, we find out). And we understand the tactics to help you reach them in the digital space. We work with Google, SEO specialists, social media experts and content marketers to make sure you get the full array of benefits from a well targeted digital PR strategy. And with our London office on hand, we can help Australian businesses access the international markets (digital and traditional), too.

Your customer, your client, your audience (and probably even your nana) is online. Your brand has to be, too.

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